HAUG.Sirius NanoLoc - high pressure oil-free and gas-tight compressors (11 - 30 kW)

Unique combination of high-pressure cylinders with NanoLoc® design can reach a discharge pressure up to 451 bar(abs). At the same time the hermetically sealed and entirely wear-free drive with magnetic coupling ensures compression of various gases without leaks. This system ensures no gas losses to atmosphere and no compressed gas pollution from outside.

HAUG oil-free and gas-tight compressors are environmental friendly because there is no oil disposal and gas leakage which can contaminate the environment.

NanoLoc® Design

  • Especially suitable for high pressures >101 bar(abs) because sealing without piston rings
  • No friction losses in the cylinders due to friction-free sealing
  • No wear at cylinders and very low wear of piston, thus significantly longer service life than with piston and packing rings
  • Lower overall height and very compact and simple design with only a few parts Service-friendly, components are easy to replace
  • Service-friendly, components are easy to replace
  • No water cooling required
  • Lower power consumption, since pistons move without friction in the cylinder


  • Completely oil-free
  • Gas-tight design with magnetic coupling
  • Compressor block leak rate <0.001 mbar l/s
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled versions
  • Motor power from 11 up to 30 kW
  • Rotary speed range 970 up to 1450 rpm
  • Suction pressure max. 31 bar(abs)
  • Final discharge pressure max. 451 bar(abs)
  • Modular cylinder configurations
  • 4-stage compression
  • Flow rate max. approx. 60 Nm3/h
  • Explosion-proof compressor version (conform with ATEX zone 1 or zone 2)
  • Very robust and long-last construction
  • Compact and foundation-free installation


    • Bottling of industrial gases like air, nitrogen, noble gases, hydrogen
    • Storage of wind and solar energy (power to gas)
    • Synthesis process gas compression for renewable energy storage
    • Emergency gas storage at on-site gas generation systems
    • Hydropower stations
    • Hydrogen fuel stations
    • Hydrogen storage at electrolysis plants
    • Steel industry process gas
    • Research and development applications … and many more

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