Commissioning / maintenance / repairs

Our service technicians are available for commissioning and service.

Sales support services for start-up:

  • Control of the machine installation and cooling
  • Instrumentation, valves and compressor piping controlling up to the supply boundaries
  • Check of the compressor control unit, compressor functions and safety equipment in cooperation with the customer 
  • Check and parameterization of the interface to the master control unit 
  • Configuration of the compressor control with cooperation with the customer
  • Performamce of the test run and handover of the machine to the operator
  • Training of the operator for safe operation

Customer services for maintenance and repair:

  • Annual inspections
  • Maintenance according to the operating hours and the age of the compressor
  • Maintenance contracts and preventative maintenance planning
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Plant maintenance

Other customer services in the field of optimized compressed air production:

  • Compressor analysis and analysis of the higher-level controller
  • Search of air leaks with measuring instruments
  • Clarification of compressed air consumption with measuring devices
  • Rental of compressors and instruments
  • Consulting for the optimal production of compressed air, compressed air quality, compressed air treatment, air distribution, investment promotion etc.

We are available for a noncommittal discussion in order to prepare an individual offer.

Contact for our customer service:

+41 (0) 71 313 99 66 oder