Compressed air compressor

Reference example / case study

Air compressors for pneumatic drive for ABB high voltage switches

Starting position / boundary conditions

With the power supply came the need for high voltage switches. The switches need a drive, which can reliable switch on and switch off the performance. In the 80 years up to the year 2000 ABB used for this application a compressed air. Today's solutions are based on an electric drive.

In about 30 years ABB bought thousands of compressors of the series Cygnus (former BO). The compressors are distributed around the world in ABB high-voltage switches which are in use. 

The compressors can be easily serviced by the local staff with the HAUG spare part sets. Therefore, the compressors are like new after a complete maintenance. Alternatively it is possible to replace a compressor with a new, identical one.


The compressors are very diverse used in all continents, both for continuous operation as well as for intermittent operation with long downtimes.

The dry-running HAUG compressors are very reliable in these different types of uses. Thanks to the oil-free operation, in sub-zero temperatures no lubrication oil can freeze and at high heat and tropical climate there is no fear that oil evaporates and the compressor is running dry.

The final pressure is maximum 30 bar. The driving power is 1.1 or 2.2 kW.

HAUG Sauer solution

The Cygnus (former BO) compressors from HAUG Sauer with the type codes

Cygnus 22L 50-20 D2 (former BOX 50/20 D2)

Cygnus 22L 50-25 D2 (former BOX 50/25 D2)

Cygnus 22L 50-25 D2 (former BOX 50/25 D2)

Cygnus 22L 75-25 D4 (former BOX 75/30 D4)

Cygnus 22L 75-35 D4 (former BOX 75/35 D4)

are used in the ABB high power switches. The compressors are known under the ABB respectively BBC type designation.

HAGT 227077

HASH 200057

HAGT 342097

HASH 200061

HASH 200063

These are 2-stage compressed, oil-free compressors, which can compress to a final pressure of max. 30 bar.

The scope of supply includes the compressor block with acoustic enclosure and a casing with a cooler. The compressors are precisely tailored to the installation in the ABB high voltage switches.

The key arguments for HAUG Sauer are: high reliability and easy maintenance, absolute oil-free, individually tailored to the customer installation solution.

Reciprocating compressor applications for oil-free compressed air

Really sure can ber produced oil-free compressed air only with oil-free compressors. Therefore, the applications for oil-free compressed air are in the food and beverage industry, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and in medicine, where for example, the compressed air is used in hospitals for ventilation or for driving surgical tools.

It can be fatal the "technically oil-free production" of compressed air by oil-lubricated compressors which are installed with back-up filters for cost reasons. Experience shows that the risk of an oil- or oil-vapor-breakthrough over the operating time due to human and technical errors can not be completely controlled.

Optimised air networks with oil-free recompression

Another interesting use for oil-free compressors is the recompression of compressed air. By recompressing of the oil-free compressed air saves the customer energy, operating and investment costs. A recompression requires much less energy because the already prepared and pre-compressed air pressure can be used directly, that means, without additional extensive treatment from a compressed air network.

In the future, more and more compressed air networks will be optimized with boosters. In the air networks of the central pressure air supply to the general compressed air consumption the pressure will be reduced, e.g. network pressure of 6 bar. Where required is then the pressure locally increased with an oil-free booster, e.g. to 10 or even 40 bar. This combination - optimized central compressed air supply and oil-free booster - reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the investment costs!

HAUG Boosters have additional advantages:

  • They are very quiet and compact and so can be used as workplace compressed air boosters.
  • They are leak-free thanks to their gas-tight construction and therefore have no compressed air leaks.
  • They offer the best possible compressed air quality because of their oil-free compression principle.
  • They have low energy consumption through optimised torque curve.
  • They offer a better life span for wearing parts due to their gas-tight construction.

Application areas for oil-free compressed air

  • in hospitals for producing breathable air and for driving surgical tools
  • in the dental field as a central compressed air supply
  • in the pharmaceutical industry for preparing medicaments
  • in the chemical industry
  • in power plant engineering and in waterworks
  • in the food and beverage processing as well as in packaging
  • as instrument air and process air in the chemical and process industries