HAUG.Uranus scroll-compressors

Scroll-compressors are characterized by their simplicity. Thanks to the rotating compressor design and their few components, scroll compressors are very reliable and easy to maintain.

HAUG.Uranus scroll-compressors are oil-free in every respect, as they contain no oil in the system. Contamination by the compressor is therefore practically impossible.

Efficient – Economical - Guaranteed Supply

The HAUG.Uranus scroll-compressors with 2.2 kW are controlled by a motor protection and pressure switch. From 3.7 kW an electronic control is installed, which controls and monitors the compressor, as well as gives the possibility of communicating with a control system or with other compressors (control option S1). For multiple-scroll-systems, the control system ensures a cyclic operation of every single compressor in order to optimize efficiency and load. This results in lower energy costs, longer service intervals, and greater security of supply in partial-load operation.

Installation with several HAUG.Uranus scroll-compressors can be connected together to optimise the operation via an optional parent based load switching control.

High Quality – Reliable – Dependable

HAUG.Uranus scroll-compressors are equipped with a monitoring system for the discharge pressure and temperature as well as for the ambient temperature. The compressors are designed for continuous operation.

HAUG.Uranus scroll-compressors work with HITACHI scroll compressor blocks. HITACHI is the world leading manufacturer of scroll compressor blocks. These stand for highest reliability and efficiency, for long service intervals and low vibrations.

HITACHI scroll-compressor blocks have several innovative functions and features

The patented HITACHI “wrap” design with labyrinth seal provides superior efficiency and reliability.

The hard alumite surface treatment of the running surfaces and the generously dimensioned roller bearings guarantee a long service life of the compressor.

Thanks to large aluminum cooling fins, HITACHI compressor blocks have an increased efficiency and a longer service life. The cooling of the compressor blocks is ensured through large cooling fans that are integrated in the compressor block and rotate synchronously with the scroll-compressor.

Scope of supply and technical description

  • Air intake filter
  • Scroll-compressor block of HITACHI
  • Cooling fan integrated in the compressor block
  • Temperature sensor for ambient temperature
  • Room air fan
  • Drive motor
  • V-belt drive and V-belt drive pulley
  • Temperature switch for discharge temperature
  • Check valve
  • After-cooler for compressed air
  • Compressed air collecting vessel at the outlet
  • Automatic condensation drain (from 3.7 kW)
  • Pressure sensor for monitoring and control
  • Electric control system Start/Stop/Reset and LED-display for status and error display (from 3.7 kW)
  • Control option S1 with potential-free collective alarm (optional for 3.7 kW and 5.5 kW)
  • Optional base load change control (from 3.7 kW) available for the operation of several compressors

Description of control (from 3.7 kW)

The control of the compressor is carried out through the selected maximum and minimum discharge pressure (i.e., the compressor runs after the start command until the maximum discharge pressure is reached). The start command is carried out either locally at the machine, or remotely. The compressor goes into operation when the pressure is lower than the minimum final pressure. The stop command is given either automatically when the maximum final pressure is reached, or remotely.

The controller carries out the security checks and starts the compressor if no lock conditions have been determined. For compressors with several scroll compressor blocks, the controller starts and stops the compressors individually, automatically taking into account the need and load, so that the compressor is operated ideally within a small pressure band.

Option: scroll-compressor mounted on a tank with refrigerant dryer and filter:

Version AS is mounted on a 270-liter tank, coated inside, with manual drain cock, with refrigerant dryer, designed for +3°C dew point at +25°C ambient temperature, with particle filter with 0.01 ppm filtration efficiency.


  • Medical and technical compressed air in clinics and hospitals
  • Pneumatic control
  • Water and energy supply
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Foodstuffs and beverage industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Textiles industry
  • Cleanroom technlology

Catalogue, type overview and technical data