• 120 Years Haug

    120 years customer orientation

    Established in 1896 as a local subcontractor.
    Developing to world's exporting manufacturer.

  • Innovation for top-class research at CERN

    Hermetically gas-tight compressors for refrigerant
    compression at CERN in Geneva.

  • We think in solutions

    We are customer-oriented solution developers. Our versatility
    makes us the world's leading niche supplier.

  • Customer service - reliability and durability

    Services and spare parts - HAUG compressors are easy to maintain.

  • Innovative solutions for numerous applications

    We hold the leading position because of the continuous
    development of products and services.

HAUG Sauer, your competent manufacturer of oil-free and gas-tight piston compressors for compressed air and a clean and safe gas compression.

We have a full range product portfolio for compressed air production such as HAUG scroll compressors and screw compressors from MARK.

We offer individual gas compressors and air compressors, engineering, consultancy, services and spare parts - all from one source.

Our compressors are 100% oil-free, absolutely dry running and hermetically gas-tight.

HAUG gas compressor

HAUG Sauer at Achema 2018 in Frankfurt am Main

The gas-tight HAUG.Sirius compressor with magnetic coupling achieves a final pressure of 450 barg.

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HAUG Sauer won the company football tournament in Winkeln

We gave gas and with the team name "HAUG Sauer has air, gives gas and makes high pressure" ...

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